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I recommend maxing this out when you can farm Wyvern 11 (Check out our Wyvern 11 Guide). Personally I run 3 heroes and 1 fodder, spent all weekend autoing Dark Altar 9, and with the weekly leveling energy rewards in the mailbox, I got epic seven leveling fodder guide about a dozen phantasmas to level 30. · Welcome to the MolaGora guide! Necklace – Main stat can be Flat at. Shandra Ruins epic seven leveling fodder guide 10. B– This tells you what level the gear is at. Popular Heroes Today.

Benedictory Sanctum: Actually makes a big difference and here are some quick math: Without Benedictory Sanctum: 3000 gold * 168 hours in a week = 504,000 gold 0. This ranges from 1-100. So I put epic seven leveling fodder guide a bit more value on Heart of Orbis. Hero Transmission. More Epic Seven Leveling Fodder Guide videos. Soul Isle Extension Level 3 Probability Blessing: Not Recommended Time Blessing Optional Soul Isle Extension Level 3: I do not think there is a debate in this. Enhance leveling the now level epic seven leveling fodder guide 21 Mega-Phantasma to level 30 guide (max).

However if you decide that Heart epic seven leveling fodder guide of Orbis is not needed for you because you are playing 24/7, you can upgrade this building instead. However it does come with weekly equipment charms which helps save some money when you eventually need to start enhancing your gears. – Lock the good stuff. Suggested Improvement: Laboratory epic seven leveling fodder guide Level 3 Ingredient Storage Level 3 Alchemy Academy: Level 3 The new addition to the Sanctuary is not really useful until you can farm Wyvern 11 or above. · Once you can epic start bringing 1 or 2 pieces of fodder into some world level areas with a Sez or someone similar, it becomes more efficient to level that way, but until you get to that point, it&39;s always best to use Phantasmas as rank up fodder because of how quickly you can level them (especially if you&39;re using the transmat stone trick in conjunction with Kluri&39;s spec. · Pet epic seven leveling fodder guide exp is only gained from pet food and enhancing a pet with fodder pets (max level is 40). This is just to answer some of the most frequent questions and topics I see posted epic seven leveling fodder guide on the board.

The higher the number, the better the tier. epic seven leveling fodder guide He is a functional unit for a Cleave team. seven Level Up Fast And Promote Units A common question seven that is asked among players is the best way to level up units and what to do with Phantasms. Below are the main stats for each gear slot.

Helm– Flat health as main stat 3. epic seven leveling fodder guide Weapon– Flat attack as main stat 2. If epic seven leveling fodder guide you have a daytime job or school, it makes sense to heavily invest in this structure. Mirror of Light level 3 and Cradle of Life at level 2 means at least 24000 gold and 6 Skystones every 8 epic hours. So I keep Cradle of Life at level 2. 35 million gold and a ton of patience to promote all epic seven leveling fodder guide of the fodder units. Suggested Level Up: Administration Level epic seven leveling fodder guide 1 Floating Station Level 1 Barracks Level 1 Higher level are optional maybe only consider in late game This is your other source for ancient coins/ conquest points outside of Arena and Labyrinth. and I play once during lunch break seven and when I get home.

Left Side (Blue) 1. The game is still in its early stages and many mechanics are still likely to change, but this guide should get you started. It is absolutely a terrible return of investment.

They give % main stats, which epic seven leveling fodder guide is what scales the character. The reason why I keep it at 1/1/1 is because the most efficient missions are actually in the earlier missions. Early on, it isn’t too important, but as you progress through the game, this becomes more vital epic seven leveling fodder guide as certain characters get leveling power spikes from epic improved skills. The more she gets hit, the faster she moves.

epic seven If you want seven to gain the most resources, the 30 mins 3 energy missions gives you the most, but epic seven leveling fodder guide it will cost a lot of energy for that gain. . Though the highest grade epic seven leveling fodder guide you can summon is 5 stars, the highest you can achieve is actually 6 stars. I level units epic seven leveling fodder guide really fast autoing levels while I farm.

I don&39;t think level 3 cradle of life is worth it as it will then take 16 hours to fully fill the Heart of Orbis. You could introduce epic seven leveling fodder guide your guide by saying the community refer to them as fodders (and fodders also includes 2* heros). Great leveling sustain with built in lifesteal (can solo many things) Gets stronger epic seven leveling fodder guide as the battle goes on. · The player can also get fodder units by purchasing them in the Secret Shop for 29,000 Gold each.

10 Epic Seven Reroll Guide See All. To me 16 epic seven leveling fodder guide hours is a long time and I will most likely be playing before that. · Been looking for a good Epic Seven farming guide, since people seem to be focusing on leveling 1 fodder at a time in scenarios. Leveling guide is here, under 8 epic seven leveling fodder guide minutes.

Again, this is just my thoughts and recommendations. High Command: Administration Level 1 3. Heart of Orbis: Benedictory Sanctum Level 2 11. Whatever you want to do with the slots will be useful, which is why everyone has this fully upgraded.

See full list on sezgaming. Playing through the &39;Adventure Mode&39; of guide the game helps to level-up your heroes. You should epic seven leveling fodder guide tailor your Sanctuary based on your play style! A– This indicates the item level or tier. · Table of Contents1 Pros2 Cons3 Quick Thoughts4 PvE Content4. These Stages are special stages in epic seven leveling fodder guide the game which can only be run 3 times each day.

With Wyvern 11 pretty easily accessibly I suggest getting Laboratory to level 2 to unlock Equipment conversion, and then upgrade ingredient Storage so that you can start epic seven leveling fodder guide converting trashy level 85 gears to something useful. – Synthesize and epic seven leveling fodder guide hope you rank up. It is also better than leveling all the higher level missions. The side stories epic are good for that because they&39;re not really difficult. Epic Seven Beginners Guide - Leveling In Depth - Duration: 31:21. · Best EXP Farm Locations Crack In the World.

Step 3 - Proceed Similarly Until 3-Star Pet This step is a bit boring seven since we need to repeat the same epic process but instead raise the pet from level 10 seven to epic seven leveling fodder guide 20. North Fortress City Perland 6. Heart of Orbis: Cradle of Life level 2 epic seven leveling fodder guide 8.

. Time efficiency is huge in a game like this, so I figured I&39;d take a look at the fastest routes. Mega Phantasma: 2 star/3 star for hero promotion 3. We will be going over this below.

Matching sets will give you some bonus stats. 6 Raid and Abyss5 PvP Content6 Build Pros Sez is one of the best fodder gamers and can deal substantial damage for both single-target and Area of Effect (AoE). The goal is to get gold, exp, and catalysts for unit advancement. Suggested Level Up: Extend Workshop Level 3 Artisan&39;s Furnace Level 3 Blacksmith&39;s Dormitory Level 3 I think eventually this building will be fully upgraded just because you will be epic crafting so many items throughout the game. That is, you need to get materials (fodder) to raise the rank of your units to 6*’s and materials (catalysts and runes) to unlock all 6. If you do play a lot, or you can play at work, then Heart of Orbis can be upgraded later on. These units are level 1. Best Place to Level Up Fodder Crack In the World.

You can focus on the following: epic seven leveling fodder guide 4 fodders and 1 friend support (best experience) 3 fodders and a farmer (most optimal) 2 fodders and 2 farmers (okay) 1 fodder and 3 farmers (not the best for experience but usually much faster). When it comes to leveling, you have a few options. · The word Fodder is not in game, hence I epic seven leveling fodder guide dont think you can say things like "utilize something called Fodders". – As you use fodder you can keep summoning to epic seven leveling fodder guide keep the flow incoming and to see if you get any S ranks or special appearances. To raise your epic seven leveling fodder guide hero&39;s star levels, you&39;ll need a fodder with the same star count. Penguins: Useful for leveling and completing daily quests 2. Promote the Mega-Phantasma to leveling 3★’s (level 21) by adding two 2★ materials (Ex. Heart of Orbis: Cradle of Life level 1 6.

High. Quick comment on my own play style, I have work from 8 a. PAYPAL: · Epic Seven 6-Star and Fodder Farm Guide - Duration: 18:48. Mining City Aakhen 5-1. · Materials Needed for Raising a Hero&39;s Stars.

Not optimizing the stats you need for a character will hinder your progress in various stages in the game. It starts at 0 and can be enhanced all the way to +15. Hello everyone and welcome to my guide for getting started in Epic epic Seven. Shotgun Shogun 4,169 views.

Flint Imp and Scarlet Imp). Level your newly promoted Mega-Phantasma from seven level 21 to 30. This is the fastest way to level up fodder units. Leveling and Farming Locations. · Epic Seven is epic seven leveling fodder guide a tactical, role-playing gacha game that allows you to summon heroes ranging from 2 to 5 stars, which you use to battle other characters in adventure mode or other players in PVP.

So let’s go over the basics you need to know about gear in general. See full list on epic7x. Suggested Level Up: Cradle of Life Level 2 Mirror of Light Level 3 Benedictory Sanctum Level 3 This is your constant income for Gold and Skystone.

The only time I will recommend getting Cradle of Life to Level 3 is if you cannot play seven everyday, you should consider getting it. 33% of the exp for each fodder. 75 Skystone * epic seven leveling fodder guide 168 hours in a week = 126 Skystones With Benedictory Sanctum: Assuming you redeem seven every 8 hours or close to 8 hours: Yo. – Take a D or C rank fodder and feed it 6 other fodders to max level it. The Crack In the World Stages in epic seven leveling fodder guide Chapters 3S, 5S, and 8S give out the most EXP per energy spent. Welcome to the basic guide for equipment. Higher tier gear have better main stats and higher rolls for substats.

Josh Tan Recommended for you. So I highly recommended upgrading one each. Support by becoming a channel member com/channel/UCPgzFf0UXrnKIKTS7CHAvxg/join Donations to show support! Epic Seven IGN ZeroThe13th. I farm EXP on fodder all the time lol Thought I dont play as much, If i did I would have WAY more 6 stars ready, BUT you have other things to do besides 6* units like grind gear, sSide story currency, SO I hope when it is time to 6 star a epic seven leveling fodder guide unit, This guide will help you in. 100% total a single fodder and one maxed epic seven leveling fodder guide character would give epic seven leveling fodder guide you 66. Oh and you also need 1.

Very leveling powerful soul burn on skill 1 (deals a lot of damage) Forest of Souls epic : Soul of Extension level 2 (level 1 was given) 2. epic seven leveling fodder guide MolaGora: You need MolaGora seed to start nurturing MolaGora, and these are used epic for your hero&39;s skill enhancements. Do keep in mind that some characters overlap in various groups. 3 units with max XP, and one seven leveling guide unit I want to level.

Forest of Souls: Soul of Extension Level 3 5. 1 day ago · Epic Seven Ultimate Beginner’s Guide ( Update): Everything You Need to Know RPG Angelo Decem Welcome to the wonderful, broken world of Orbis where you, the Heir of the Covenant, command your squad of epic seven leveling fodder guide epic seven leveling fodder guide heroes to help save this world from the clutches of the Archdemon. For instance, if you have a Max level 3-star hero to promote, you will need a 3-star fodder.

I wanted to start a discussion on the top speed clearing bus drivers in the game. To decide on what to Improve, I do think eventually you should judge based on how you play, but I want to give some suggestions based on my experience.