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The mod allows both heterosexual and bisexual (lesbian) romance options. Kivan’s Romance Guide ‘A bg2ee aerie romance guide thought spoken out loud is a lie. A fan-made romance bg2ee aerie romance guide modification for Baldur&39;s Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal that adds both an expanded friendship track and romance options to the cheerful thief-mage, Imoen. Anomen&39;s romance will continue in Baldur&39;s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal if you meet these requirements: You import your game from Shadows of Amn or continue from Shadows of Amn straight into the expansion pack.

Remember that Aerie is deeply traumatized by the loss of her wings. At certain points, stock BG/BG2 characters will get fed up with another and start fights, aerie only ending when one or more of them are dead. The Sarah NPC Romance Mod contains a female/female romance which is considered to be rated T for Teen material.

Please see Extremist&39;s Romance Guide (available from Sorcerer&39;s Place) for details. The inkwell did not stand straight on the ground. From a personality standpoint Aerie grows as a character tremendously in BG2EE, especially if you pursue a romance option with her.

How To Acquire: You can pick Aerie up after you kill Kalah and dispel the illusions. Once again time for TokenGeek bg2ee aerie romance guide to announce the lucky winners of the Nintendo Switch Lite and 5x Steam Gift Cards in October&39;s draw. Aerie is the nicest party member you&39;ll ever bg2ee aerie romance guide recruit. Rjali is an amorous cleric/thief who will not leave your side. BG2 Aerie romance "point of no return" I&39;m guide playing BG2 for the first time, still in chapter 2. :) aerie on Janu: I did not like her.

One in particular is the requirement of resting in a forest map after the plot reaches a certain point. You just cannot get rid of her. Answer the Genie&39;s riddle (The Prince bg2ee will be 30 and the Princess will be 40) for 19500 bg2ee aerie romance guide experience. Fixed a glitch in bg2ee aerie romance guide Edorem&39;s last LT, allowing the party to rest. Primary interests: bg2ee romance and the search for the. PC Romance: If you are nice and sympathetic to her bg2ee the romance moves along quite rapidly. Another month, another prize aerie draw in the We The Players competition exclusive to Nexus Mods users! bg2ee aerie romance guide So now things are different.

Her knees were way too bg2ee aerie romance guide pointy to write on. Diff: This romance ain&39;t that difficult at all. Naive and innocent, she&39;s nice to just about everyone. Aerie can be romanced by male Humans, Elves, Half-elves, Halflings, and Gnomes. Must purchase two bg2ee aerie romance guide AEO® or Aerie® Clearance Items to qualify. This is the prequel bg2ee to the BG2EE Rjali mod.

They serve only to indicate whether that romance&39;s next event is ready to trigger, and are reset regularly. ) Allowing Viconia to die, bg2ee aerie romance guide be petrified, or leave the party may sometimes trigger a bug that ends her romance. Also try talking to other party members and then going back to bg2ee aerie romance guide talk to. She starts out as being a rather uncertain mage following in the steps bg2ee aerie romance guide of her mentor Quayle (yes the very same Quayle from BGEE) to becoming by the end of the Throne of Bhaal a powerful archmage in her own right. Their young son was always in tow, making bg2ee smile with his wide-eyed awe at the wonders of the world. Jini NPNPC mod is a romance add-on. 1 - posted in Miscellaneous Released Mods: My little tribute to Moongaze. bg2ee aerie romance guide Just a little common sense much like Aerie&39;s romance.

The Aerie-Haerdalis romance is an interesting one despite the ornate flirting; Haerdalis also has exchanges with Jaheira, Anomen, Viconia, and most tellingly Yoshimo. Please Note: The original SoA version of Sarah, v1. Calin is a human Blade Master who is neutral good and will romance a female who is Elf, bg2ee aerie romance guide Half-elf, Human and of non-evil alignment. Her last romance dialogue should be the one where she says your relationship is never going to work out and tries to leave the party. She is the final companion available guide before chapter two, as further companions will require going through The Slums. I wonder why you&39;re reading a guide on how to romance her if guide you don&39;t like her? Diff: This romance ain&39;t that difficult at all.

For example, one block in Anomen&39;s script sets "AnomenRomance" to the constant value "TWO_MINUTES" after each talk, if the party is rested and not in a dungeon or in aerie combat. If it&39;s 1, it means you&39;re at the beginning phase. to see if the character can be romanced; set bg2ee aerie romance guide to 1 in my save) and, well, the fact that I already agot pretty far ahead in the romance itself (LoveTalk variable is at 49, which should be about 2/3rds into the relationship). Jini is the guide Djinni in the lamp which is given to you by the young Rjali if you are male and non-evil. Although aerie she cannot join your party, a romance will ensue. Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on Novem: I&39;d suggest going and doing another side-quest in the meantime, and then trying again. Low HP is not a big issue because you&39;re not using Aerie bg2ee aerie romance guide to tank.

Aerie is a female avariel and lawful good cleric/mage in Baldur&39;s Gate II. Prevent Aerie-Haer&39;Dalis Romance bg2ee BG2EE, EET, bg2ee aerie romance guide BG2, BGT. Neera Romance Guide. BG2 is rated T for Teen. You continue with the same party as you had bg2ee aerie romance guide in Shadows of Amn. Gorion&39;s Ward may choose her as a companion and romance. This list aerie is for NPC&39;s and NPC-related issues, including romances, friendship tracks, expansions of Bioware NPC&39;s, new NPC&39;s, bg2ee aerie romance guide bigger. There is a separate guide for TOB on the same page.

I enjoy Aerie&39;s company, and that&39;s all there is to it. Page 1 of 5 - BG Completed NPC & Romance List v3. Rjali NPC MOD is a romance add-on for the game Baldur&39;s Gate II Extended Edition, with the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. Beginning Ma at 6:00 PM EST for a limited time online only, buy one AEO® or Aerie® Clearance Item and get one AEO® or Aerie® Clearance Item of equal bg2ee aerie romance guide or lesser value for free* online only at ae. Besides, who among you can say that you’ve never felt Aerie, Anomen, Jaheira, or Viconia just needed a hug? BGEE, BG2EE, EET, BG, BG2, BGT, Tutu. The light of the fire was dying down. This component will simply prevent the fights from starting.

Enjoy the cripple, fool, but when you finally find her stale and slaver after me, you&39;ll be left wanting. Expect a bg2ee aerie romance guide lot of SPOILERS bg2ee aerie romance guide if you read past the intro for each character. This is the best guide I&39;ve found for romances and how to fix them, bg2ee aerie romance guide the "BG2: SOA Romancing Guide by Extremist".

Aerie - Romance Epilogue Aerie and would prove inseparable, continuing their adventuring for many bg2ee aerie romance guide years into the future. There is no attraction between me and Aerie, no. This mod adds Calin to BG2 and BG2EE. --- Tumblr: com Instagram: com/danaduchy Second channel: https:/.

At 13 in Saradush (Throne bg2ee aerie romance guide of Bhaal), Aerie will leave the party if you urge the Il-Khan Soldiers to bg2ee aerie romance guide kill the elves. Edwin is a repeat character from Baldur&39;s Gate I, the bg2ee haughty evil mage on the bridge who wanted to kill Dynaheir. The Romantic Encounters mod for Baldur&39;s Gate II (RE for short) is an add-on for the game Baldur&39;s Gate II, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. It&39;ll be medium difficulty but it is also the most fun romance to play out compared with all the others.

--- Exploring everything games have to offer. The parchment tried to roll up all the time. (Although it bg2ee aerie romance guide might be too late now for you to fix anything at day 160). With Jaheira (and/or Viconia) in the party the sparks fly and sooner bg2ee aerie romance guide or later you will have to &39;choose&39;. She can romance a male human, elf, half-elf, or possibly gnome protagonist. MOD Recolored toolbar buttons for BG:EE & BG2:EE - posted in BG:EE Modding: File Name: Recolored toolbar buttons for BG:EE & BG2:EEFile Submitter: Argent77File Submitted: File Category: BG:EE ModsThis mini-mod provides recolored buttons for the toolbar displayed at the bottom of the screen to make the enabled/disabled states of the buttons more distinguishable. AnomenRomanceActive (or Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia) set at 1 signifies interest, 2 signifies commitment, 3 signifies a break-up.

v5: Added an bg2ee aerie romance guide extra flirt that allows Saerileth to rejoin your party in Baator. Neera can be found first in the bridge district rescuing a young girl and fleeing from bg2ee aerie romance guide some Red Wizards who are still trying to capture and kill all wild mages. (You will aerie get a chance to pursue the romance further in Throne of Bhaal, so don&39;t panic. (romance screwed, she stays bg2ee aerie romance guide in party) 3. 2 represents the "committed" stage, which happens after you hit a certain lovetalk, and stops the romances of other.

Enter the circus tent and you will find yourself in a strange area. You can bg2ee aerie romance guide talk her into staying, but will see no more bg2ee aerie romance guide romance dialogues for the remainder of Baldur&39;s Gate 2: SoA. I know it can be trying but she will eventually aerie take a more positive outlook on life. Some players find her romance whiny and annoying, but at least she appreciates you from the beginning, unlike the other romances. Hints: Like Aerie&39;s romance you just need to guide choose the answers that are aerie basically suited to her style. Background Information: Aerie is aerie a member of the race of winged Elves, the Avariel.

An Amnish Guard outside the Circus tent in the Promenade will warn you that no one who has entered the tent has returned. The buzzing mosquitoes targeted her eyes, and nose, bg2ee aerie romance guide and ears. You&39;re compatible and you will get lovetalks, but you haven&39;t reached the stage of making "the choice" bg2ee and so you&39;ll still get lovetalks from the other candidates, bg2ee aerie romance guide Aerie and Viconia.

These are excuses. I didn&39;t want to romance Aerie but it seemed like every reasonably comforting response advanced us down that road. Please do not guide play this mod if this type of content offends you. Her INT is one point too low to reliably learn mage guide spells so you&39;ll need to guzzle Intelligence-increasing potions when you want to actually write new magic, but that is her only real fault. It could be a bit of flirting. She will accept your other amours as long as you take good care of her. Fixed a bg2ee aerie romance guide trigger in the NPC/NPC romance which prevented the final LT from firing if you had previously tried to romance her. Aerie proves it doesn&39;t really matter what your stats are if you roll a cleric/mage.

Romantic bg2ee aerie romance guide possibilities are endless. 3, is replaced by this download. Without this, the romance can seem to run into a brick wall. . If you choose Aerie her dialogues continue while the others cease.

Jaheira&39;s romance can be tricky bg2ee aerie romance guide because she has more specific requirements which aren&39;t always obvious, especially if you&39;ve been busy exploring and questing. (Some mods add extra states or change what these numbers bg2ee mean, but I believe this works for the four base romances). ’ It was not easy to write. . You bg2ee aerie romance guide have completed his romance in Shadows bg2ee of Amn.

As soon as you leave the bridge district, she will meet you in a space in between sections of the city and ask you to meet her at the Wild Forest. The "_____Romance" variables are timers, running on real time.